Would You Wear The Same Thing Every Day?

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Could you swap your closet full of trendy outfits for an everyday-uniform that you'd wear, well... daily?

A couple of years ago Joshua Becker began to intentionally wear the same outfit every day. Apprehensive about what people might think, he initially committed to only trying his experiment for a week in hopes that no one will spot his recycled outfit and judge him for it. After the week was over, he felt incredibly liberated that no one noticed, but what really made him happy was the realization that he finally had a shot in breaking those assumed expectations that fast fashion industry puts on us. There is an unspoken notion that we should wear something different every single day, otherwise we are not making an effort, we are sloppy, we are missing out, or we are simply blah...

Anyway, ever since reading about Joshua's daily uniform transition, I've become more and more intrigued about it. Its simplifying (minimizing) angle was instantly appealing, but then I thought about easier laundry days and eliminating that constant morning dilemma of 'What should I wear today?' So I feel like I would love to embrace this idea of 'forever fashion'.

Come on, wouldn't it be nice to wear something that feels truly 'you' day after day?

Although I'm not sure I could do just ONE daily uniform, I'm pretty close to committing to three, maybe even two. You? What is your take on this?

P.S: Remember Matilda?
P.P.S: Go-to uniform series.

(via Forbes. Photo via Polished to Perfection)


Anonymous said...

i go through periods of hating my wardrobe to loving it. i find certain seasons more inspiring and others less but the idea of having a set uniform sounds appalling. this way i could keep the things i really enjoy wearing on a rotation and get rid of the rest. how does that work seasonally? is there a differentiation?

k said...

its definitely something i'd love for making mornings easier, etc. but i also feel that since my day job is so boring i can at least have some fun and get some creativity out with clothes! but on tired mornings i usually do do a black uniform!

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