The 'It' Jeans for Spring

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Have you heard? Wide-leg jeans are making a big comeback with all different and cool tailored cuts that are ideal for work or play. They are going to sweep the nation and dominate this spring, and to be honest, I am totally on board with it! Honestly, is there a better uniform than a comfy pair of jeans, a white tee and a snazzy yet wearable pair of heels? Exactly!

P.S: Frozen denim.
P.P.S: 100 years of jeans.

(Photos by/via EM Street StyleStockholm Street StyleWho What WearCollage Vintage
and Framboise Fashion)


Anonymous said...

very happy about this

Anonymous said...

I love wide-leg jeans except the fit is super important. I had a pair where the closure was a zipper instead of a typical jean button, and it didn't feel right.

Lila said...

Does it age me to say that I had wide legged jeans before and loved them? haha

Wendy said...

Oh boy, back to the 70's! Had those tie front ones and loved them then. Won't be going back there, though!

Emily L said...

I havent' had a great fitting and comfortable pair of jeans since wide-leg/boot cut were the norm in the early 2000s!

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