A Little Phone Challenge

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Fancy a little January challenge?

Last September I took Mav's advice and I decided to leave my phone at home most nights when Balazs and I took Jenny for a walk. At first I felt like I'm forgetting something, I couldn't relax, I wanted to rush home to see if someone called or an important email came in. After sticking to it for a week, I slowly but surely started to feel more comfortable with the concept. Actually, it felt freeing, like I was giving myself a well deserved break without constant distractions. I could finally stop concentrating on the annoying buzzing, enjoy an uninterrupted conversation and be fully present in the moment.

Fast forward to today and I'm totally liberated. By now I look forward to those evening walks sans my phone. They put me in a calmer state of mind and mark the beginning of a slower pace.

So if you fancy a bit of phone-free zone, join in the challenge by finding time during your week, when you can safely leave it behind without feeling like your world is falling apart. Just remember, nothing that urgent can happen in the hour that you are unreachable...

P.S: A healthier way to phone chit chats.
P.P.S: Break the (phone) habit.

(Photo by Sylvie in the Sky)


Anonymous said...

I need to do this. Im in. Jill

k said...

i should! i'm so annoying with the phone lately :(

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