The Only Fiddle Leaf Fig Trick You Need

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Do you own a fiddle leaf fig tree? Little under three years ago, I got a dreamy little pot. It was growing beautifully till it got bigger and I started to experiment with its placement and the amount of water.

Literally, in a week time this rather easy-going plant went on an epic meltdown. Its leaves started to become brownish and eventually a few of them ended up on the floor. Then I overreacted by over-watering it to the max (I should have known better) and eventually, my once beautiful green gem was now a sad mass.

Yet, I haven't given up and after searching everywhere for tips, I finally stumbled upon Kelly's two part straight forward rule and it worked like a charm! The thing is, fiddle leaf fig likes routines and loathes change. If you remember those two things, you will win the fight.

So, if your green gem is worse for wear - and chances are it indeed is, because honestly, 80% of my friends had the same problem with it - try simply placing it somewhere light(ish) with constant light source and only use 1 cup of water for a small tree and 2 cups of water for a bigger one, once a week. The important bit is, always water it at the same time each week, like clockwork!

Try it, it is that simple:)

P.S: Living with 500 plants in Brooklyn.
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(Photos by/via That Kind of WomanThe NeotradBrittany Makes and Studio Mcgee)


Anonymous said...

you convinced me i need to get on the fiddle fig trend. i have a black thumb but maybe i can make it work with your tips. thx

Diana Mieczan said...

Anonymous, yay! That is awesome:)

Unknown said...

I also discovered that my fiddle leaf fig likes a routine ... so I stick to it. Lots of indirect light, and water well, not too little or too much, 1x week. Anything to keep my beautiful plant happy! Love the leaves.

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