Grown-up Treehouse

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Boy, oh boy, in spring 2014, Foster Huntington decided to realize his childhood dream of living in a grown-up version of his favourite treehouse. So, over the following 12 months he built this multi-level complex that connects two amazing treehouses by a 25-foot bridge, a wood-fired hot tub, and even a skate bowl. I wish I could stay there for a long weekend, you?

Sunset watching goals right there...

P.S: Remember this place?
P.P.S: Plus tons more things to swoon over...

(via deMilked)


Anonymous said...

i never had a treehouse growing up but now i wish i had one.

Lydia said...

Oh wow! What a stunning escape. Maybe He'll put it on air b'n'b?

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