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Monday, April 24, 2017

Fancy a little spring challenge? A couple of weeks ago while sitting in the dentist's office, I anxiously flipped through a bunch of women's magazines to calm my nerves. Yes, the sounds and the smells in dental offices freak me out! Anyway, after a few minutes I realized there was an reoccurring theme running in most of those publications of asking readers to embrace the unknown this year and try new things.

Supposedly, in today's culture of immaculately planned out lives, we tend to develop a structured routine out of comfort and safety that doesn't involve us getting outside of our comfort zone. Most people don't even bother trying new things, because they believe it will end up being a disappointment.

Yet, psychologists argue that life without experiencing new feelings is not fulfilling enough, and if we give it a chance, we'll benefit immensely by allowing our minds to expand and learn more about ourselves. Also, according to Rich Walker, people who engage in a variety of experiences are more likely to retain positive emotions and minimize negative ones then people who have fewer experiences.

Of course, the concept of a 'new thing' differs depending on who you are. The bottom line is our personal eco-system needs an occasional push, a little discomfort and the feel of a thrill that will unleash those rarely felt emotions while allowing us to discover a side of ourselves we didn’t know existed.

So, how about this season every one of us will try one new thing. It can be anything, for example, I'm going to sign up for a sculpture class. Are you game?

P.S: A life of intention.
P.P.S: Ready or not?

(Inspired by Red Magazine, NY MagMaggie Peikon and Wanderlust. Photo via Left-y)


Anonymous said...

my excuse is busyness, but in all honesty is the fear of unknown. im up for the challenge

little luxury list said...

I really need to try new things as well. I've been wanting to develop my photography a bit more and learn Photoshop. Hopefully I get to do that soon!

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