Nifty Jeans Tip!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Till recently I was convinced that buying the perfect pair of jeans is close to impossible!

They always feel right on the day, but after a few washes, they don’t seem to fit as well anymore. Am I the only one? So after a bit of research, I found this nifty little trick that changed everything.

Here it is: always buy a size smaller denim. And the reason? Well, supposedly denim always gets bigger after wearing it a few times. So getting a pair that is a dash smaller will guarantee a perfect fit on the long-run.

Who knew, right? Will you try it?

P.S: Frozen denim.
P.P.S: Plus, those three sassy ways to roll your jeans this spring.

(Tip via The Closet Heroes. Photo by Arna Bee for/via Could I Have That)


Anonymous said...

Thx for this. I'll try it. Jill

Emily L. said...

I guess this might work if you can guarantee that you won't get any bigger? I definitely have had a couple of pairs that JUST fit and they definitely don't get bigger with time. Probably depends on the precise fabric as well.

Diana Mieczan said...

Jill, my pleasure:)

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