Tribal Faces

Thursday, January 12, 2017

As soon as I spotted those portraits, I was glued to their uniqueness. Did you know that every single item those women wear showcases their status within the tribe, their beauty, their age or even their importance? It’s fascinating!

Recently, Lebanese photographer Omar Reda had the honour to visit Ethiopia's Omo Valley to capture on film women from three different tribes that live there: the Hamar, the Dassanech and the Mursi.

Every single one of those tribes has its own style, language and rituals. For example, the Hamar people are known for painting their bodies with ochre, the Mursi women wear different size lip plates as a sign of beauty, while the Dassanech tribe sport glorious headdresses that are usually made from recycled metal watch stripes and bottle tops.

Ah, incredible...

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(via Daily Mail)


Anonymous said...

Interesting to see the difference in culture and the expression of it. Jill

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