Stranger Danger Dinners

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Would you go to dinner with strangers? Potential new best friends, passable acquaintances, or possible murderers? :) The last one, not really...or at least, let's hope so:)

So, if you're lucky enough to live in the sunny Perth, Australia and if you're short on friends (which adult isn't?), you should consider joining Stranger Danger Dinners. It's essentially a group of people (usually seven) with common interests and a similar vibe, who meet for a meal, chat and maybe, just maybe find a new friend or two.

Since there is no host, for the shyer bunch, you can get those conversation cards to get the evening rolling...

As much as I find meeting new people very awkward (introvert alert here!), I love this idea! It's basically giving yourself a chance to spend a few hours with potentially interesting people, who are there just for a laugh.

Would you do it?

P.S: The wine debate and a chat about having dinners with friends...
P.P.S: Remember this?

(via The Kitchn. Photos via Stranger Danger Dinners)


Anonymous said...

we have something similar in Berlin where we organize cooking nights on rotation including old and new friends


Emily L. said...

Yes! It's so hard to make new friends as an adult.

威爾剛 said...

Very good!

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