Christmas Gift Guide #5: Cat Lady.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Speaking of kitty goodness, here are thirteen adorable, sweet, quirky and plain awesome gift ideas for all those endearing, warm and loving cat ladies in your life. From your childhood friend who has three cats named after her favourite telly series, to your mom who is cat-crazy:)

Any favourites?

1. 'Hell is other people before coffee' mug - 2. Cat enamel pin - 3. Cat pointy shoes - 4. Grumpy cat cushion - 5. Moonlight catalyst - 6. Cat glasses tray - 7. Cat headphones - 8. Christmas cat iPhone case - 9. Olive Bella personalized cat necklace - 10. Setsuko cat incense burner - 11. Scotch kitty dispenser - 12. Because cats tote bag - 13. Cat lady key-chain.

P.S: Fancy more? Here is one from last year and from two years ago.
P.P.S: Plus, all the gift guides so far this year.

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Anonymous said...

I'm tempted to send this guide to all my family telling them to get me everything HAHAHA

jessica // union shore said...

I'm a dog lady, and I still want everything!! That tape dispenser is so cute! haha

Your Invisible Crown said...

I want everything on this list, but the mug (I love Gemma Correll!), the tray, the headphones and incense burner are my favourites.

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