Christmas Gift Guide #11: Food Lover

Monday, December 19, 2016

Up next we have twelve scrumptious, nifty and beautiful gift ideas for all those food loving people in your life! From your sister who always has a brownie waiting for you when you visit, to your sweet husband who makes the best pierogi filling in the world!

Any favourites?

1. Carrot print - 2. Small one-of-a-kind ceramic spoon - 3. Bichotan bracelet - 4. Small Victories cookbook and pre-order Naturally Nourished cookbook - 5. Moroccan leather slippers - 6. Sweet marjoram - 7. Chocolate-dipped Martins pretzel - 8. Rosemary candle - 9. Butter churner - 10. Monochrome ceramic bowl set - 11. Tea towel - 12. Nail brush.

P.S: Plus, all the gift guides this year so far!
P.P.S: And a handy tip for packing wine in your suitcase :)

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Anonymous said...

i've got julia's book and I like the slippers

Joy said...

Small Victories is seriously the BEST -- I have my heart set on cooking every single recipe from the book!

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