Undone Braid

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Sometimes the simplest and most understated style tweaks are the ones that make the biggest impact. For example, take a simple undone braid and pair it with jeans, your go-to tucked grey sweater that you spent a small fortune on, that sweet little necklace you've been wearing daily and that new pair of boots you just got the other week as a gift from your mom.

Finish it off with a dash of saucy perfume, and you've got yourself the most comfortable yet put together casual work look that everyone will love, because it works and feels like 'you'.

P.S: Also, belted coatsminimal multiple earrings and necklace scarf goodness.
P.P.S: Plus, the ins and outs of a great go-to uniform.

(Photos by/via Le FashionProsecco and PlaidCollage VintageThursday ExperienceVogue and Fox on the Run)


Anonymous said...

When I try hard to look put together I often end up looking uncomfortable. I need to start doing what you said

little luxury list said...

These messy braids look gorgeous! I can never quite pull it off, but love the look!

Mary Beth said...

Diana--you have such a talent for pulling together gorgeous images and your writing about fashion is so inspiring. Love it!

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