Christmas Gift Guide #2: Homebody

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Next up are fourteen cozy, snug and comforting gems for all those moms who prefer reading books under the blanket rather than going out for dinner parties. Sisters who take any excuse to unplug and indulge in a bit of 'alone' time and that dear friend who always invites you over for a cup of coffee and a homemade apple crisp instead of meeting you in a local café.

Any favourites?

From the top: 1. Mariette sheepskin slippers - 2. Karina A's red striped long sleeves t-shirt - 3. H.A.N.D. coffee carafe set - 4. Lulu Organics patchouli rose hair powder - 5. Lambskin mittens - 6. Edor's rose gold U earrings - 7. S'well water bottle - 8. Dandelight - light-emitting flower lamp - 9. Le Petite Baume Dayala balm - 10. Moon Juice 'dream dust' - 11. Pure beeswax stubby candles - 12. 'The Little Book of Hygge': The Danish Way to Live Well  - 13. Knit throw - 14. Emmy Thinh's Sol Mini Illume choker.

P.S: Fancy more? Here is one for your mom and another one for the minimalist.
P.P.S: Have you entered our two winners jewelry GIVEAWAY yet? Don't miss it!

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Anonymous said...

Hygge manual book? I know a few people who'd like it including myself. Jill

Paula said...

I want everything!!! :-)

Helena Oops said...

Love this selection!
Great ideas!
Enjoy your weekend!

Your Invisible Crown said...

Ha, this is right up my alley, I am such a couch potato!

Steph said...

Love your gift guides. I'll take the Hygge book :)

Emily L. said...

I JUST bought that Hygge book in Ireland this week. It's great!!

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