I'll Bake Me a Cake

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A few days ago, Geraldine asked the kitchn’s readers to share all the little things that make them happy and they delivered. There was one particular comment that stuck with me because it was all about a birthday cake.

The person who left it said that she bakes a cake every single year for her own birthday and shares it with anyone who happens to come by. As much as it doesn’t sound like a treat to most, somehow in her own eyes, seeing the smiles on her friends' faces when they taste her creation makes for the perfect birthday treat.

So since my birthday is little over a week away, I’ve been thinking about cakes and I really like the idea of transforming my last year's plan into a tradition of treating myself and all my loved ones to a home-baked cake...

What do you think? Do you bake a birthday cake for your own birthday or do you prefer to receive a cake instead? Do tell!

P.S: Drake on cake still makes me giggle - every single time:)
P.P.S: Did you know that there is a scientific way to cut a cake? It's SO cool!

(Photo/gif by La Pêche Fraîche)


Anonymous said...

In our family my mum makes all the celebratory cakes but maybe next year I can try to start my own tradition

Anonymous said...

Hello, I love that I'm not the only one with this tradition. I've made my own cake every year since I was old enough to cook. My mom and I loved baking and decorating cakes together when I was young and we never ordered from a bakery. I even remember some of the elaborate themes we would decorate them. One of my favorites was a tropical seascape (my 10th birthday). Now I wake up early on my birthday to bake in a quiet kitchen with a good cup of coffee. I've elevated my menu from cute sheet cakes to decadent red velvet or fancy cheesecakes, and everyone always looks forward to what recipe I'll try the next year. Happy early birthday!

Alina said...

Yes, I am all for baking a cake on my birthday (and sharing with friends if possible)! In fact, I started a "tradition" (not too long ago) of baking a brownie cake with sprinkles and serving it with mint tea for my birthday. I'd recommend giving it a try!

Your Invisible Crown said...

I used to bake my own cakes, but for the last years I haven't really celebrated my birthday at home. I meet with friends for lunch or dinner instead. I do love the idea of homebaked cakes though! And the Drake-cakes made me smile.

The Reader's Tales said...

Mum always made ​​for us beautiful and delicious birthday cakes. I make cakes for my close friends... but for my birthday, I tend to order, so I can organise the rest (food, decor, etc.).

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