Home Tweak: Light Bulb Vases

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

I mostly use vintage jam jars, funky glass containers and pretty bottles as flower vases in my home, but lately I've been totally smitten with the idea of transforming an old light bulb into a sweet tiny bedside table vase. I just love how quirky yet understated they are. Here is a nifty little tutorial if you feel inspired to try it too.

P.S: But if you're more into something colourful, those will definitely tickle your fancy.
P.P.S: Ready for autumn? I am!

(Photos by/via AtilioLobster and SwanIsabelle PalmerChristine and Coco Lapine Design)


Anonymous said...


LyddieGal said...

Those are so cute and fun and quirky!

The Reader's Tales said...

So pretty...I'll steal this idea...for a bday table i have to decorate....hahaha (hope you don't mind)

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