3-Minute Mug Cake

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ok, normally I only consider something 'a cake' when it's baked in an oven, but today I’m going to break that rule - for a very good reason!

See, this mug sponge cake takes 3 minutes to make - using just a microwave - and when topped with yogurt and fruits, it makes for the most indulging after-dinner-solo-night-in dessert. Balazs has been working late most nights this week, so I’ve been enjoying this new found treat to the fullest.

Here is the easy how-to. Go on, don't fight it, just make it tonight...You know you want to:)

P.S: Or maybe you're in the mood for a chocolate mousse instead?
P.P.S: Also, have you tried rosemary coffee yet?

(Photo and recipe by Trois Fois Par Jour)


kelli said...

this looks so good! i've been wanting to make one of these mug cakes for awhile, but scared they'll be so good and so easy that it'll get "dangerous."

Your Invisible Crown said...

I love quick recipes, and it looks super delicious!

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