The Magic Of Not Trying So Hard.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Yesterday, while walking to a restaurant for dinner, I turned to Balazs and said how much I’ve been looking forward to this summer and I'm gobsmacked that it's already here. In that moment, while on our way, with nothing more to do, I lost myself and finally allowed my senses to be swept away by the happy rays of sunshine, the warm evening breeze and the sounds that are so familiar and so summery.

Then I realized that in reality summer has been here for a few weeks now, but I haven’t sunk my teeth well into it yet, because I was caught up thinking about it and planning it, instead of enjoying it. Makes sense?

And then I remembered what Holly wrote last year about her realization that life doesn’t have to be all about making plans, creating perfection or obsessing over a flatter stomach… We could also live a life that is more natural, where we stop trying so hard and let ourselves be lost in the moment and be swept by the feeling we're experiencing…

She wrote:

'My grandmother always told me when I least expect it, “it” would happen. This has been true for so much of my life, especially when it came to getting pregnant. We didn’t even try, I just let go of constantly thinking about it and decided to go live my life and it was then that I suddenly skipped a period and realized that the magic of not trying so hard is a very real kind of magic. 

I’m not saying to be selfless, to live a life without intention, nor to focus only on the moment without a plan in sight. I’m not saying to live passively. What I am saying is to give everything a moment to sit and to think about it before diving right in or making plans for the next moment. Some berries are best eaten fresh-picked whereas others are ones that have sat out for a few days in the summer sun. The happiest person is one who can look at a situation or moment and quickly ascertain whether to enjoy now or save for later. 

I hope that as I continue to age and evolve as a person, as a woman, and as a mother that I can more quickly make better calls of judgement and learn what to savor and what to store, what to cherish for today and what to work towards for tomorrow and most importantly, how to balance my need for stable, intentional living with my overwhelming desire for spontaneity, freedom, travel and experiencing all of the joie de vivre that I can in life. I am so full of fire and courage, curiosity and passion that often the smoke I cause from running so fast blurs out everything else around me and I lose track of being in the here and now. And enjoying it.'

So my plan for the rest of this summer is to be less intentional and stop trying so hard to have more, when all I really need is less. Are you with me?

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Anonymous said...

Spot on. Jill

Diana Mieczan said...

Jill, thank you:)

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