Cold Shoulder Trend: Thumbs Up or Down?

Thursday, March 24, 2016

How do you feel about cut-out-shoulder dresses or tops? Do you wear them? According to Sarah Rutson, women of all ages should have at least one cold-shoulder item in their closet. Supposedly this trend is extremely flattering for all ages, since shoulders are one of the most beautiful parts of the human body - so why not show them off more, right?

The one thing I know is that a few of my friends always look incredibly sassy wearing the peek-a-boo shoulder top. Maybe I should also give it a go this spring. How about you?

P.S: Also, the 'it' spring handbag and stripes :)
P.P.S: Plus, how do you feel about an oversized jean jacket?

(Photos by/via Collage VintageWho What WearCosmopolitanElleFashion Agony and A Love Is Blind)


Anonymous said...

i like the look especially of the blouse on top but i have never tried it myself

Emily L. said...

Thumbs down. It looks awkward and in the words of PJ Franklin from the TBS show My Boys "it looks broken."

LyddieGal said...

With the right blouse, I would certainly give it a try!
Plus I love the fun name.

OnePerfectDay said...

Personaly, I'm afraid I never understood the needlessly-exposed-shoulder trend. It somehow looks very contrived and artificial to me. Like it's trying too hard to find an excuse to bare some extra skin......
I do like a wide neckline that falls off the shoulder naturaly. But if it looks deliberatly pulled down -like picture 5- it loses all charm for me.
I'd give this one a miss.

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