Supermarket Flower Hacks

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Whether you’re buying a bunch of flowers for Valentine’s Day, as a gift to a friend or a little treat to yourself, the purchase always feels so much better when you score a great fresh bunch on a budget. Am I right?

I’m a huge believer that your corner grocery store flowers are a true gem when chosen well and presented simply. So, I was thrilled when I spotted that Lilli from Bon Appétit teamed up with the awesome Taylor from Fox Fodder Farm to show how we don’t have to overspend on pre-arranged bouquets and how easily we can make one ourselves at home.

It’s all about sticking to the basics of getting one type of bloom in a colour that isn’t too loud and pairing them with a simple base, like eucalyptus. Oh and let’s not forget the secret weapon aka the masking tape for the vase. For more of Taylor's tips head over here.

What flowers do you like most?

P.S: All things flowers...
P.P.S: And a great reminder that good things take time.

(Photos by Alex Lau for Bon Appétit)


Anonymous said...

Supermarket flowers are the best and those tips will come in handy next time I cannot resist a flower temptation. Jill

Nicole Underwood Gonzalez said...

I like to get all one color and put them in several small jars/vases on my table.

Heart said...

I love tulips. Their yellow color makes me feel fresh and beautiful.

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