Yoga Cityscapes

Monday, January 25, 2016

If you need a bit of convincing to get on the yoga-wagon, those photos above might just sway you. Kristina Kashtanova is a London based photographer with a passion for yoga, so she created a series of images, where yogis strut their stuff in the most amazing parts of London and New York City.

How inspiring and beautiful, isn’t it? Do you do yoga?

P.S: Instant life.
P.P.S: 'You see more when you draw'.

(via Fubiz)


Anonymous said...

wish i was that flexible..

Alina said...

This was just what I needed this Monday morning! I used to do yoga regularly, but stopped after quitting the gym. I planned to repeat a 30-day yoga challenge on YouTube, but never got back on the bandwagon. I think today will be my chance to do so!

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