Surviving Winter in Style: Blanket Scarf

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Brr, after a very mild autumn and a rather lovely start to winter, temperatures definitely dropped this week. So ever since Monday, each time I have to leave the flat, I dream about burying myself under a blanket. So as a compromise, I found a way to do just that, well, kind of... - I discovered blanket scarves! It doesn’t only keep your neck and face warm, it’s also perfect to wrap around your winter coat for extra warmth - not to mention, it looks pretty sassy as well.

I swear by this one, but I’m thinking about getting this beauty as well. Do you wear blanket scarves?

P.S: Also, two sassy takes on a silk scarf and how to wear a scarf like a true Parisian.
P.P.S: How about a bandana?

(Photos by/via Her PaperweightVogueThe WeekenderHarpers BazaarGarance DorĂ©Britta NickelApartment 34 and LA Cool and Chic)


Anonymous said...

Here as well, it's actually snowing this minute. I need to find a scarf like the first photo.

Diana Mieczan said...

Anonymous, I can't wait for snow:) Btw: check out etsy, they have tons of amazing scarves like that.

Vintage Market Place said...

Love them!! Theyvare perfect here in the desert on colder days but when a coat is just too much.

Unknown said...

I love them! I got one last winter and it is perfect at work, where my office is always freezing. xo, Katie

Jacqueline Howett said...

I love all of them. They look great!

Great idea!

All the very best to you throughout 2016

Your Invisible Crown said...

I especially fancy that last scarf. I treated myself to one last month, a comfy grey one.

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