My Little Winter Meal Routine

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Winter has the ability to put a gloomy spin on our mind-set. So, in hopes to add a bit of freshness or magic to those dark and freezing short days, Balazs and I’ve been incorporating a few little things into our routines that make all the difference.

For example, since we mostly cook meals at home during winter, we found that setting the table with simple linen napkins and lighting a candle or two makes the rather monotonic routine of meal making and eating more pleasant and somewhat special. I got into it so much that I even started to make time during the day to actually sit down at the table to have a cup of coffee with an avocado toast instead of rushing off, and just enjoying the simple yet relaxed atmosphere the candle and the napkin creates. It’s the little things, isn't it?

Do you have any tried and tested everyday tweaks that you'd like to share?

P.S: Wash your bowl and one day of your life.
P.P.S: Love your space.

(Photos via A Keeper)


Anonymous said...

I'll start making more effort. I always save the pretty plates, fabric napkins, jarred candles, etc. for when we have company. This made me realize I should use those items more instead of saving them for bigger and better occasions. Jill

Em Weiss said...

I'm terrible with sitting down at the table for my meals. In the spring and summer, I often have fresh flowers on the table to add an element of freshness. For the winter months though, I had some silk poinsettas in a vase with silver sparkly twigs. It make the mundane space seem a little more magical. :)

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