The Vulnerability of 'Thank You’

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Thank you - two simple words with a great meaning, tons of context and a potential to instantly brighten someone's day - yet so often people forget to say it. So, here is a little reminder to how much power a little thanks carries and how we should never be too busy to say it...

"Thank you as in: I couldn't do it without you. As in: I don't want to do this alone. As in: I was afraid. 
And mostly: I would miss you if you were gone. 
Thank you brings us closer together. 
Thank you is a limb worth going out on."

Now, go on and spread some jolliness...

P.S: Instant mood fix and the importance of washing your bowl.
P.P.S: A nightly dinner out that's like therapy.

(Photo via Brown Dress with White Dots. Quote by Seth Godin via Tradlands)


Anonymous said...

Love this post Diana. Jill

Mumbai said...

just 2 words with a great impact.

Unknown said...

That's lovely! :) xo, Katie

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