How to Pack Wine in Your Suitcase

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Whenever we travel during the Holidays to visit friends and family, we always pack a bottle or two of their favourite local wine to arrive at their home with a little hello gift. The thing is that more often than I care to count, the wine breaks in transit, and I end up losing yet another sweater in the fiasco.

Sounds familiar?

So, when this morning I spotted Jayna’s brilliant little article on the best way keep your precious cargo safe, I got excited to try it out! It’s all in the wrapping - using just a pair of long socks and an over-sized scarf or a sweatshirt. So, if you're thinking of flying with wine or homemade liquor, here is the full how to (including a video as well):

To pack one bottle, simply stuff it in one of the socks (you want a pair long enough that the bottle fits completely, ideally with a bit of excess sock at the top), wrap the second sock around the neck of the bottle (which is the part that’s easiest to break in transit), and then roll the whole thing in your scarf. When you’re ready to pack, simply lay down a few pieces of clothing, place the wrapped wine in the center, and cover with more clothing. It’s best to fill your suitcase as much as possible, so the wine bundle stays exactly in place.

Nifty, isn't it?

P.S: Also, how to pack gifts when you travel and the business of travel food.
P.P.S:Where would you go?

(Photo by Jon Pack for Condé Nast Traveler. Video by The Scene)


Anonymous said...

I'll try it. Thx

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