Christmas Gift Guide #8: Food Lover

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Up next are 12 gift ideas for the friend or mom who loves to cook and always brings over something homemade when she pops by, the sister who recently became hooked on reading cookbooks and the boyfriend who has the biggest sweet tooth ever and knows his way around pots and pans.

Which one tickles your (or their) fancy?

1. The New Health Rules book ($16.43) - 2. whisk necklace ($66) - 3. Mizu water purifier ($125) - 4. indigo napkin set (4 for $64) - 5. chili granola ($14.25) - 6. chai tea soap ($12) - 7. sandalwood liquid soap ($30) - 8. winter vase ($29.95) - 9. 2016 calendar tea towel ($28) - 10. ice cream sandwich ornament ($15) - 11. GrowBottle ($8-$36) - 12. chocolate peanut butter nougat bar ($10).

P.S: Also, all our gift guides so far this year, and the whole of last year's bundle.
P.P.S: Plus, last years guide for a food lover.

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Anonymous said...

The whisk necklace is very unique

Melanie said...

Love the ice cream sandwhich ornament!! I always love to give a fondue set to food lovers because it's something everyone loves yet they don't think to buy it for themselves! =)

Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

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