Post-Workout Soak

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Do you workout weekly? What’s your favourite activity: running, Pilates, gym, swimming or maybe yoga?

A few months ago, Balazs finally convinced me to start running with him regularly - and not being the biggest fan of running, it took more than a bit of convincing :) After the initial shock to the system, I developed a routine and an actual love for running. Somehow it went from dreading it to totally loving it. Anyway, one of the things that really helped was the post-running bath with Epsom salt to calm my muscles and relax my body. My new favourite combination is Julie’s mix of dried lavender, jojoba oil and ylang ylang essential oil. After 20 minutes of soaking in it, I always feel so relaxed and balanced. Here is the full how-to if you feel like indulging in a post-workout self-care.

P.S: The soak and this detox mix.
P.P.S: Stay tuned for a sassy GIVEAWAY Wednesday!

(Photos by Julie - Free People)



I love this! Can't wait to try it :)

Jill said...

I wish I had a nice tub for soaking in!
All year I was running really regularly, but over the last couple weeks, partially because of the colder weather, wedding business, and general laziness, I've really stopped and not done much of anything :( I ran through the whole winter last year..even when -25C, so I need to bundle up and get back out there! It's so therapeutic for me, even though I go through phases of love/hate.

Michelle said...

sounds blissful!

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