India's Birdman

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Over 10 years ago, just after the tsunami, a man named Sekar from Chennai in India, noticed a pair of green parakeets hanging out on his back porch. There and then he decided to adopt them and take good care of them. Fast forward to today and Sekar still cares for his birds - only now he has over 4000 flying friends. Incredible, isn't it?

This wonderful man spends a big chunk of his income to buy rice for the parakeets and wakes up around 4:30am to start cooking before serving breakfast to his whole breed.

P.S: Also, man and his elephant best pal.
P.P.S: Thoughtful man...

(via LAEM)


Anonymous said...

Things like that ensure me that people are still kind and giving

Tanvi from said...

Wow! Had no idea. :)

∞ ∞

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