Happy Thanksgiving Weekend

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Dearies, jolly Thanksgiving! For those who still have some more cooking to do  - just breathe, and for everyone else - enjoy the festivities to the fullest! Wishing everyone a scrumptious long weekend full of great food, tipsy company and festive mood all around! As far as Balazs and I, we're meeting friends this afternoon for a feast and I'm already daydreaming about a slice of pie and a big mug of hot wine.

I will see you all back here on Tuesday morning, but in the meantime, please feel free to browse through exPress-o, maybe you'll find a post or two you have missed. Oh, don't forget to be creative with your leftover tomorrow morning:) Cheers!

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P.S: If you fancy a bit of chit-chat, you can always catch me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or even Instagram. See you and stay cozy:)
P.P.S: *The order must include clothing and a minimum purchase of $100.

(Photo via Katie)

This Week's Gems

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

My favourite kind of dress...

The cutest little heart studs...


Beautifully scented candles are a must this season - especially when they fill your home with the scent of cinnamon chai or sea salt and cocoa beans...

Ah, the loveliest print of fall in London:)...

Fancy winning one of the Pearlesque natural cosmetics boxes? You're in luck, they are having a fantastic GIVEAWAY right now!...

The sweetest little bowl...

This blouse would look amazing with a pair of jeans and ankle boots this Thanksgiving...

Nifty and lovely...

The most stunning bracelet!...



Those Swedish blue pillowcases make me swoon...

Must smell amazing ...

Brilliant and stylish...

It doesn't get any better than this yin yang pendant necklace...

This vase is something special...

Speaking of gifts, this initial ring = gift perfection!...

Aren't those mittens cute?...

What a stunning hair barrette...

Fancy this fresh mixed greens crate delivered to your door?...

Happy Wednesday, lovely ladies! What caught your eye this week? Any great buys or finds?

P.S: Fancy more gems?

(6th image by Eva)

Christmas Gift Guide #6: For the Minimalist

In today’s fast-paced world more and more people find comfort in minimizing their life to things they truly need or desire. It’s a new wave of living that I bet many people you know swear by. So the question is, what to by someone who wants less?

Well, minimalists are all about conscious beauty, practicality, durability, quality and purity. These people would rather have one special piece than 10 random objects. So here are 19 gems for those, whose life is all about simplicity, taking enjoyment in having less and living in their needs as much as possible, while fully appreciating their surroundings.

Which one tickles your (or their) fancy?

1. Tradlands' "cross country" button-up ($167) - 2. La Bohéme watch ($99) - 3. aroma diffuser ($320) - 4. stacking rings (from $17 to $70) - 5. bath and meditate incense set ($28) - 6. classic stripe throw ($70) - 7. black diamond studs ($188) - 8. Simple Matters: Living with Less and Ending up With More book (pre-order $15.75) - 9. cozy knitted hat ($36) - 10. natural sea sponge ($18) - 11. Olo Fragrance in dark wave ($45) - 12Liha coconut oil ($59) - 13. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up book ($10) - 14. cushion cover ($51) - 15. gold bar necklace ($26) - 16. uashmama metallic paper bag ($9) - 17. JOCO cup ($27) - 18. Soma sustainable pitcher + plant based- filter ($40)  - 19. Iris Hantverk pan brush ($26).

P.S: Also, all our gift guides so far this year, and the whole of last year's bundle.
P.P.S: Plus, a few more ideas for au naturel living :)

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Thanksgiving Leftovers x12

It happens every single year: we make tons of food thinking everyone will be starving, but by the end of the night, when our tummies are full, we realize that the earlier food panic attack was for nothing! There is still so much left!

So, instead of reheating everything on repeat for the following few days or eating the same thing over and over again, why don’t we transform those delicious leftovers into scrumptious new meals? Plus, any excuse to invite more people over to help you eat it all up, is always a good excuse, right?

So here are 12 awesome ideas on how to use your Thanksgiving feast leftover for days to come, starting with the ultimate Thanksgiving leftover grilled cheese (above)...

One-pot cheesy turkey tamale pie...

Turkey salad topped with cranberry sauce...

Mash potato, stuffing, turkey, gravy and cranberry sauce sandwich...

Cheesy mashed potato puffs...

Pop tarts with apple cranberry and masala turkey...

Day after turkey mini shepherds pies...

Turkey casserole...

Cranberry tartlets...

Turkey Cobb sandwich...

Leftover Thanksgiving stuffing waffles...
And turkey and cranberry BBQ sauce pizza...

Which recipe tickles your fancy?

P.S: Also, the sweetest leftover pie labels.
P.P.S: And my personal favourite for the past few years!

(Photos by Half Baked HarvestSugar and CharmRing Finger Tan LineFaith DurandDine X DesignKitchen ConfidanteSupergolden BakesMartha StewartNellie BellieShared Appetite and Recipe Runner)

Christmas Gift Guide #5: Coffee Lover

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Any coffee lovers out there? There must be at least one you know. Am I right? We have four in our family and two of my close friends also love all things coffee. Buying coffee gadgets is probably one of my favorite things, especially when I know how much those little gems will make my loved ones' morning routine better, easier and more fun. So here are 16 nifty, scrumptious, delightful and pretty perfect gift ideas for those coffee aficionados in your life.

Which one tickles your (or their) fancy?

1. coffee spoon ($10) - 2. coffee tee ($20) - 3. coffee lover lollipop set ($24) - 4. coffee bean necklace in rose gold or gold (from $13 to $170) - 5. brass and walnut pour over coffee brewer ($190) - 6. coffee plant ($10) - 7. dry coffee scrub  ($28) - 8. black coffee ice cream ($12) - 9. Mast Brothers coffee chocolate ($12.95) - 10. coffee and brown sugar soap ($6) - 11. the scent of coffee revelation kit with 36 scents ($299) - 12. kettle pin ($9) - 13. Mazama coffee mug ($50) - 14. hazelnut coffee scented soy candle ($28) - 15. the coffee tea towel ($15) - 16. diy cold brew coffee set ($15).

P.S: Also, all our gift guides so far this year, and the whole of last year's bundle.
P.P.S: Plus, a few more ideas for coffee loving people out there :)

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Festive Garland

This Holiday season Balazs and I have a plan to really embrace the festivities and decorate our flat down to a T. So, when yesterday I spotted this unique take on a winter garland, I did a happy dance. It has oranges and privet berries – my favourites! I also read somewhere that instead of using fresh oranges, you can also first dry them by making slight incisions in the peel and letting them sit on your radiator for a few days. They will also make your flat smell amazing!

Here is the full how-to if you fancy getting crafty this Holiday season. Cheers!

P.S: Also, this stunning citrus wreath and the best thing after Thanksgiving.
P.P.S: Plus, the next awesome gift guide is coming up shortly.

(Photos by Kristen Kilpatrick via Camille Styles)

Christmas Gift Guide #4: Husband

Monday, November 23, 2015

Up next is a nifty gift guide for those wonderful boys of ours who always keep our back, buy us a bag of chips whenever we feel down and make the best aglio e olio pasta there is! Those 17 gems will make any chocolate-loving-coffee-drinking-Star-Wars-watching husband thrilled - especially mine!

Which one tickles your fancy?

1. Fishermans beanie for cold winter walks ($39) - 2. Mast Brothers Chocolate: Family Cookbook ($27) - 3. Hario Olivewood French press ($95) - 4. Wilson key-ring ($12) - 5. water bottle for the office ($32) - 6. Guatemala Finca El Injerto Bourbon coffee beans - his favourite ($19) - 7. bottle opener ($29) - 8. Bees Knees spicy honey ($14) - 9. gold arrow tie bar ($35) - 10. Enamel mug - 11. constellation globe ($34) - 12. t-shirt with the year when he was born ($15) - 13. C-3PO from Star Wars Collector series (from $64 to $360) - 14. Kite Hill print ($50) - 15. freezable whiskey glasses ($25) - 16. Small Batch Tonic ($16) - 17. passport case ($54).

P.S: Also, all our gift guides so far this year, and the whole of last year's bundle.
P.P.S: Plus, a few more ideas for a dad :)

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How to: beautiful knit throw (without any needles!)

Blimey, how pretty is that throw? Would you believe it if I said that you can create a throw exactly like this one, all by yourself, without using knitting needles and with no knitting experience? Well, two weeks ago my friend Sofia tried it by following the how-to video above and it turned out incredible! Actually, it looks so amazing that I asked her to make me one for Christmas this year :)

All you need is thick unspun wool in your favourite colour, some free time and your hands. Ta dah! Have a look!

P.S: Also, how to: re-bloom your Orchidmake your home smell like fall and have the life you really want.
P.P.S: Plus, 17 takes on simple, understated and happy life.

(via Style Files. Video by Style Cookie. Tutorial by Anke Helmich and Wenda Torenbosch. Photo by Style Cookie)

Half & Half

Have you been in a long-distance relationship before? Over 14+ years ago, when Balazs and I first met, we spent the initial 12 months in a long distance relationship - flying across the world to have a coffee together or catch a movie on a random Friday night. Since Skype hasn't really been around yet, we just kept on flying to each other whenever we could.

Well, fast forward to today and here is an awesome Korean couple in a long-distance relationship, who found an easier and pretty genius way to connect with each other through art. Despite their 14-hour time difference, Danbi Shin who is based in New York, and Seok Li from Seoul, keep their relationship alive by taking photos simultaneously while on video calls. Their little project is a sweet and heartfelt discovery of the similarities between two different lifestyles dictated by different locations, between two people who love each other.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

P.S: What did you do at 25?
P.P.S: The battle we didn't choose.

(via Design Taxi)
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