What Love Actually Is

Thursday, October 15, 2015

The other day I stumbled upon this 1973 quote on love by Werner Erhard and I can't stop thinking about it. It's everything I believe in and more...

"Let me tell you what love actually is. Love is the experience that someone’s all right the way they are. It’s not all the garbage. This thing about songs and all that survival stuff. All the stuff you talk about. What love actually is, is the experience that someone else is all right exactly the way they are. To love somebody you have to choose for them to be the way they are. Exactly. Not, "Gee, if you’d only cut your hair, then... you know, it would be okay." No, it’s got to be all right just that way. That’s perfect, that’s absolutely perfect, just that way. And, they’ve got to be all right the way they’re not. Now, if you make something all right the way it is and all right the way it’s not, what’s another word for that? Space. The person’s got the space to be. You know, they can be. They can be the way they are and they don’t have to. Because it’s all right with you for them not to be the way they are. And it’s all right with you for them to be the way they are. That’s love."

Remember, you are good enough exactly the way you are:)

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(Thanks, Tradlands. Photo via Note To Self)


Anonymous said...

100% true. I wouldn't change my husband for the world and I love him exactly the way he is, despite the fact that sometimes he drives me nuts HAHA

Jill said...

Love this. Important for me to keep in mind because I'm definitely guilty of trying to *change* my FI...even though he's wonderful how he is, and isn't.

erin said...

Just lovely.

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