The ultimate superfood face mask

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Have you heard of spirulina? This green alga is the richest source of antioxidants both for body and skin.

Balazs takes it in a form of a pill or a powder mixed into a glass of water, but I use it mostly on my skin. I found that spirulina is a fantastic beauty gem and truly the ultimate superfood for my sensitive skin. Furthermore, if you suffer from rosacea, a spirulina mask can smooth and calm your flushes and if used regularly, it can eliminate acne causing bacteria as well. Not to mention, it’s the perfect pick-me-up after those stressful days when your skin looks a dash dull. Basically, whatever your needs, it’s a great all-rounder!

Personally, I use the mask every second night while taking a bath, but you are welcome to start off with once a week and go from there.

Here is the how to: place in a small plate 1/2 tsp of spirulina powder or crush (with a spoon) one spirulina pill and mix it with a splash of water (literally just a few drops) until you have a thick paste. Apply the mask to clean skin and leave on for 30 minutes. Next, remove it with warm water and follow up with a moisturizer. Ta-dah!

Hope you give it a go! What’s your natural go-to beauty gem?

P.S: Immune boosting elixir.
P.P.S: Sage - the 'it' herbal remedy!

(Recipe adapted from Lindsay - Delighted Momma. Photos by exPress-o)


Anonymous said...

I use the powder-form in smoothies but I never thought to use it on my skin. Cannot wait to try it after work

Diana Mieczan said...

Anonymous, it works so well! Let me know how you like it...

Moni said...

I also use the powder-form but only for my breakfast. I want to share with you my healthy meal idea :) hope you like it :)здравословна-закуска-healthy-breakfast/. Tonight, I will definitely try your idea, but instead of water I will add some honey :) thanks for sharing, Diana :) greetings, Moni :)

Unknown said...

Good to know! I've used it in juices, but never thought to put it on my face. :) xo, Katie

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