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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Do you wear sweaters? People in general have a hate/love relationship with knits. Some love them and treat them like a security blanket during colder seasons, while others find them restrictive and unflattering. Years ago my mom told me that the only way a sweater can look great is if it’s a dash too big. So ever since then I’ve been buying my sweaters a size or two bigger. This way you are getting that slouchy, chunky, loose feel we are all after.

So below are a few of my absolute favourites. Which one trickles your fancy?

1. Estonian Jacquard neat sweater - 2. Jacquard-knit sweater - 3. babaĆ  sweater - 4. waffle knit cardigan - 5. short sleeve jumper  - 6. Shetland stripe sweater -7. chunky wool cardigan.

P.S: Sassy little autumn style tweak.
P.P.S: Go-to sweater weather uniform.

(Top photo by Ella Gordon and layout by exPress-o)


Unknown said...

I am 100% pro sweater! Love them and I agree with your Mom on wearing them a little big. #6 and 7 are my two favs. xo, Katie

Diana Mieczan said...

Katie, great choices - 6 is rocking my world right now:)

Melissa Blake said...

oooh, i love these!! The first one is definitely my fave...the white reminds me of snowflakes! I love a good sweater in the cold of winter!!!

Melissa | So About What I Said

Unknown said...

sweaters are the best!

Michelle said...

love cozy sweater weather!

Your Invisible Crown said...

I don't wear sweaters (they don't really suit me) but I do like them on other people. The first one is my favourite!

A Life Un-Styled said...

That navy chunky wool cardigan is simply delightful! x

Diana Mieczan said...

Melissa :)

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