Style Tweak: Understated Bracelets

Thursday, October 15, 2015

I believe the essence of our personal style is down to those tiny little details we add or tweak. Those elaborately thought-through adjustments on our shirt sleeves, sweaters, pants or hair look incredibly effortless to everyone else, and they contribute to the uniqueness of our style.

Since I’m an unfussy 'jeans and shirt' type of girl, I find that adding a subtle and alluring piece of jewelry like a bracelet to my daily uniform makes it look more put-together, and making me feel like I made an effort.

So, below are 13 beautifully understated bracelets that are perfect for layering and will go great with your rolled-up shirt sleeves this fall and winter. Which one tickles your fancy?

1. Set of gold bar and gold tube bracelets - 2. Hexagon bangle - 3. Arc bangle - 4. Triad bracelet - 5. Tiny skull bracelet - 6. Love bracelet - 7. Silver feather bracelet - 8. Tiny letter bracelet - 9. Rose gold and silk beaded bracelet - 10. Infinity bracelet - 11. Stax Linnea bracelet - 12. Gold bar bracelet - 13. Dainty thin bracelet.

P.S: Also, a ring for every finger and minimal earrings that look great with a bun.
P.P.S: And a few more thoughts on my daily uniform.

(Top photo by AF. Second image by Littionary. Layout by exPress-o)


Anonymous said...

I'll take 9,10 & 12. Jill

Unknown said...

I've been loving wearing really thin, delicate bracelets. Love 9, 11, and 13. xo, Katie

BojanaC said...

Waw, I love 1, 7, 10 & 11. And also 8 is adorable :)

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