A Little 'Natural You' Challenge

Monday, August 3, 2015

Have you ever gone 24 hours sans makeup? How about totally product free? That means no concealer, lipstick or moisturizer?

Last week, I read this interesting article on skin and how we might have the wrong approach toward our skincare regime. With advertisements and beauty campaigns, we are lead to believe that we need all the newest creams, serums and beauty gadgets to make our skin look radiant and fresh. Yet, according to Adina, our skin is a superhero on its own.

It’s self-protecting with the oil it produces that also keeps it hydrated, kills bacteria, and helps maintain our skin’s delicate (and healthy) pH balance. In addition, it naturally regenerates itself, shedding an average of 40,000 cells per minute. Basically, our skin contains a whole ecosystem of healthy bacteria that are responsible for eliminating toxins and as long as we eat well, stay healthy, and use just a few beauty products, we should have a healthy glow every single day.

So here is a little challenge to truly experience the power of our largest organ :) Choose a day this week, get brave and go products free for 24 hours. Deal?

According to Adina, doing a skin detox will not only let your skin hit a reset button, but it also might convince you of how amazing your skin really is without all the usual things you use. So, the deal is that you simply clean your face with water and use only natural ingredients like coconut oil morning and night - no moisturizer and no makeup. Instead treat yourself to a day of eating things like leafy and colourful vegetables, healthy fats, fruit, fermented foods, and plenty of water. Supposedly, you will see the results immediately. I’m so curious, you? I'm doing it tomorrow. Fancy joining in?

P.S: Nifty (natural) trick to radiant summer skin.
P.P.S: All natural beauty routine for sensitive and acne prone skin.

(via Clementine Daily. Photos via For Redheads and Brown Dress with White Dots)


Carmen said...

That's me most of the time: I only wear make up on special occasions. And try to keep a minimalist routine. So I'm in!

Anonymous said...

I'm in! I'll do it over the weekend when the kids are at my parents

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

I try to go makeup free on most weekends! It feels so good to let me skin breathe :)

Anonymous said...

I rarely wear much make-up, so going "product-free" isn't scary. That said, I ALWAYS wear sunscreen!

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