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Monday, August 31, 2015

The other day, Jordan Ferney posted a sweet little reminder/advice on how to have the life we really want and it totally made my day! She said:

‘I wanted to buy a Fiat 500 for almost 10 years. Every time I would consider it, I would worry it would need a lot of upkeep or it would be too impractical. Finally after 10 years I put a low bid on eBay and I won! The funny thing is all my fears were actually true (I'm BFFs with my mechanic!). But what I didn't realize is HOW happy it makes me. I almost always have a grin on my face when I drive it. It's impossible not to. Everyone waves at me and laughs everywhere I go. The thing that kills me is, I spent 10 years not letting myself be happy. That realization has been really important to me. If you want to travel or buy a Vespa or dye your hair pink, figure out a way to do it. Life is short and we don't have any time to prevent ourselves from having the life we really want.’

It’s true that we tend to make billion and one little excuses why we can’t do something or get something or go somewhere, but in reality pretty much everything is achievable one way or another.

So, in the spirit of Jordan spreading happiness and making people daydream, what's one thing you really want? (I’m joining in the fun, so you can see my answer in the comments section). xo

P.S: Moments...
P.P.S: The mayonnaise jar and a little life lesson on embracing yourself.

(Photo by Jordan Ferney)

Morning Splash

As a child I took any excuse to go swimming and even now if I don’t go for a dip at least once a week, I feel disconnected from myself. It is funny how the calming sounds of water can make me feel relaxed, inspired and utterly at peace.

So when I stumbled upon this dreamy little series by Grace Oda, I started to get nostalgic about my childhood and all those summers we spent by the sea. So let’s ignore, for another 5 minutes, that it’s Monday morning and let’s close our eyes and imagine that we are dipping our toes in this salty and invigorating water – ah, magical, isn’t it? Now, enjoy your Monday morning.

P.S: Dipping toes...
P.P.S: Also, swimming with an elephant in India and this pool in Singapore.

(via Honestly, wtf)

Cheers to a lovely weekend

Friday, August 28, 2015

Cheers to the weekend, dearies! It's crazy to think that next week it's already September. Oh boy, this year is flying by, isn't it? What are your plans for the next two days? Tonight we are going for a little jazz concert and I can't wait to just sit down, grab a glass of wine and let my head get lost in the music. Wishing everyone an amazing weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday morning. Fancy going down the internet rabbit hole? Enjoy!

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(Photo via This is Glamorous)

This Week's Gems

I adore every single thing about this outfit, especially those awesome pants...

The sassiest (and very affordable) stacking rings...

On my wish list: this ceramic coffee dripper...

How perfect is this watch?...

Be still my heart...

So sweet...

Ah, linen tunic-dresses forever and always!...

Oh boy, I need this 'go for a run' bracelet as soon as possible...

Pretty fruit bowl...

My favourite...

Those curved bar earrings = autumn must have...

Ha, avocado print wallpaper - love!...

Love this Chicago Illinois skyline necklace!...

Tote made for busy days...


The perfect little set...

Happy Friday, dearies! What caught your eye this week? Any great finds or buys? Do tell...

P.S: Fancy more gems?

Autumn Blues

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Oh boy, just picture wearing this pretty bluish-greenish nail polish with your trusty pair of jeans, worn-out flats, a snug grey sweater and a tiny little ring on your finger - as if we needed another reason to look forward to crisp fall days! Is it just me or the indigo waters shade is pretty perfect? Would you wear it?

P.S: This lippythis hair and that braid.
P.P.S: Plus, tons more beauty goodness.

(Photos via Theresa)

Epic Wine Battle in Spain

Blimey, now I'm certain that people is Spain really know how to have fun! Every single year at the end of August, a small town called Toro becomes a wine battle field. Yup, as part of the San Agustin festival, hundreds of locals dressed in white drench each other in red wine with water pistols, back-mounted spraying devices and buckets. To some it might look like a waste of wine, but to me it is just plain good fun. What do you think?

P.S: Also, the Pingxi sky lantern festival in Taiwan, the Azaleas festival in South Korea and the midsummer night celebration in Poland.
P.P.S: Office like no other.

(via Daily Mail)

Top it with bruléed homemade fluff...

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Oh boy, I might regret this in a couple of weeks, but I'm giving in to the temptation. Plus, it's only fitting since the cooler weather might be just around the corner, and what would be more comforting, than a cup of hot chocolate (or hot coffee) with a generous helping of this homemade bruléed fluff on top? Ever since I spotted Alexandra’s nifty and super easy recipe, I’ve been daydreaming about falling leaves, sweaters and chilly mornings. See the trouble is, I might not be able to resist it till then, so don’t be surprised if you spot me drinking a cuppa of this ooey goodness tonight on my balcony :)

Here is the recipe if you fancy a treat as well. Looks scrumptious, doesn't it?

P.S: Remember this one? Still one of our favourites.
P.P.S: 3-ingredient morning ginger latte.

(Photos by Alexandra's Kitchen via La La Lovely)

Swedish Dads

Aw, be still my heart! In today’s world it's (still) pretty uncommon for new dads to stay at home and care for their new babies. Having said that, in Sweden more and more dads are taking advantage of their sixty-day parental leave. So, in hopes to inspire more men to do the same, Swedish photographer Johan Bävman created a series of photographers celebrating dads in their new role.

Those little moments tell it all, don't they?

P.S: One day young, and btw: what's your perfect number?
P.P.S: 60 years of memories.

(via Creative Boom)

Water is a Family Affair

Ashley Gilbertson's family in NYC - 1,000 liters of water daily
Rhoda January’s family in Malawi, Africa - 100 liters of water daily
The Esteban family in El Alto, Bolivia - 100 liters of water daily
Abu Ibrahim’s family in Jordan - 8,000 liters of water daily
Hamidou Hama’s family in Niger, Africa - 100 liters of water daily
Swarga Mala Gayali's family in India - 220 liters of water daily
San Win’s family in Myanmar - 160 liters of water daily

Have you ever wondered how much water you use on a daily basics? Honestly, I have no idea how much we use but after seeing those images above, I’m certain it’s probably way too much!

Even though for millions of people around the globe water, sanitation and hygiene conditions have improved drastically, still, in 2015 663 million people are using unsafe drinking water. So recently Ashley Gilbertson was asked by UNICEF to create a series of images featuring families and their daily water usage. He traveled to seven different countries and captured the daily water usage of different families with totally different backgrounds and water needs. Some of those numbers blow my mind! Thoughts?

P.S: How much food people eat per day, and the hungry planet.
P.P.S: What does 200 calories look like?

(via Medium)

Buy for today, not tomorrow

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Recently I was having a pasta dinner with some friends, and the conversation turned to the end of the summer, the upcoming fall and how the anticipation of a new season usually means lots of extra expenses. Sounds familiar? I thought so. :)

Somehow with the changing weather, and the arrival of the new season, we get the urge to update our home, add a few new pieces to our closet, or buy the hottest new gadget on the market. However, in my experience, we often end up having a bunch of items that we don't actually need and will never use.

To avoid these unnecessary purchases, my friends and I decided to try Nancy’s approach. This girl is pretty brilliant! Whenever she's tempted, she asks herself this simple question: Am I buying this for the life I have right now? Would I wear this out of the store? Will I use this tomorrow? And if the answer is no - she puts it back.

Here she explains why this little trick will work like a charm for you too:
"An architect I once worked with explained to me that a lot of people buying is aspirational: you buy things not for the life you actually have, but for the life you want to have. It's a sort of 'if you build it, they will come' mentality: 'if I buy this amazing outdoor grill, I will definitely start having huge backyard parties where I invite all my friends.' Only a lot of the time, it doesn't work that way. 

Despite our best intentions, these wishful purchases sit unused, or maybe, since nobody can see the future, the things that you bought in anticipation of some future event turn out to be not quite what you need. Maybe once you actually have a party you realize that the grill you bought before you started grilling isn't really the right grill at all."

Genius, if you ask me.

So let's enjoy NOW! Thoughts?

P.S: Life lessons and one life to live...
P.P.S: The small, happy life and why boring is good.

(Photo by Kara Rosenlund. Advice via Apartment Therapy)

Autumn Home Tweak: Agate planter

Fancy getting a head-start on bringing a dash of autumn coziness to your home? Plant a few of your favourite succulents and cacti in beautifully bright Agate planters (that also double as candle holders) for that cozy fall vibe. I just love how beautifully cheery they are. You?

P.S: Also jarred plantshanging plants and bathroom plants.
P.P.S: The life changing indoor plant tip.

(Photos by Soul Makes)
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