'See Paris First'

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

How often does fear influence your decisions or actions? I have a friend who recently told me that his biggest regret is not facing his fears head-on and allowing them to paralyze him from doing things he desires most. It made me sad realizing that someone so brilliant is riddled with questions of ifs and hows instead of embracing his genius and enjoying the ride.

So when a few days ago I stumbled upon Anne's post with the amazing "See Paris first" poem by M. Truman Cooper, I realized that I found the solution to fear. Not only for my friend but myself too. The answer is simple, together we can do what we can't do alone. So read the poem, lovelies and send it forward to someone you know would need this right now. Someone who waits for a tiny little push to embrace the unknown - not alone, together, because what are friends for, right?

Suppose that what you fear
could be trapped
and held in Paris.
Then you would have the courage
to go everywhere in the world.

All the directions of the compass
open to you,
except the degrees east or west
of true north
that lead to Paris.

Still, you wouldn't dare
to put your toes smack dab
on the city limit line.

And you're not really willing to stand on a mountainside
miles away
and watch the Paris lights
come up at night.
And just to be on the safe side, you decide to stay completely
out of France.

But then danger
seems too close
even to those boundaries,
and you feel the timid part of you
covering the whole globe again.

You need the kind of friend
who learns your secret and says,
"See Paris first."

P.S: The anti-worry mantra.
P.P.S: Your anti-stress hero.

(Thanks, Anne Sage. Photos via This I Like Today)


Anonymous said...

I've never heard of this poem but 6 lines in, I felt it talks about me.

Marcela said...

Beautiful poem. Thanks so much for sharing!

Diana Mieczan said...

Anonymous xoxo

Diana Mieczan said...

My pleasure, Marcela:)

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