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Thursday, June 25, 2015

This year, more than ever before, Balazs and I are surrounded by new glowing mamas, adorable newborns and exhausted moms-to-be. Is it the same at your end? It feels like everyone around us got pregnant at the same time - giggle! So, today I'd like to share a few of my favourite newborn + new mom gifts that I've been treating our friends to on rotation for the past few years. Those 14 are tried, tested and loved by our friends, so hopefully they will make great gifts for yours too.

1. A confetti balloon because babies love looking at vivid colours - 2. Minted birth announcement magnets to make new mom's life much easier - 3. A romper suit - 4. Organic goose warming pillow with cherry stones to nourish baby's senses - 5. "Minus Nine to One" - The diary of an honest mom by Jools Oliver (I give a copy to all my friends) - 6. Swaddle - 7. Tea kettle + nursing mama tea blend  for late night feedings - 8. Lipstick in "wild child" for the mornings after - 9. Food bundles delivery - 10. Calm kid mist to sooth a baby in no time - 11. Pretzel rattle toy - 12. Jasmine flower milk bath for aches and pains - 13. "Eat, sleep, poop" notebook to keep track of everything  - 14. Celestial moon print for a good night sleep. 

P.S: Future baby names?
P.P.S: Parenthood is about love, not genetics series.

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Anonymous said...

Is Jools Oliver the wife of Jamie Olive? I didn't know she writes books. I love her clothes collections.

Tish said...

lol YES we did. Something in the

Great list xo

Diana Mieczan said...

Yes Anonymous, she is :)

Diana Mieczan said...

Tish, giggle!

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