Cheeky behind the scenes shots of the golden age of TV

Monday, June 1, 2015

Happy June, dearies! There is no better way to start a new month than a cheeky glimpse into the past. Recently, a set of intimate behind-the-scenes photographs has been released, giving a rare glimpse into TV's golden age. They were discovered in listing magazine TV Times' archive nearly 50 years after they were taken. I just love getting sneak peeks into the old times when everything seemed so much simpler and less complicated. The Alfred Hitchcock shot is  a classic, isn’t it? Wishing everyone a jolly good morning!

P.S: Also, icons and their bikes and reflections beyond the shadows.
P.P.S: Ah, amazing people and their stripes :)

(via Daily Mail)


Anonymous said...

Woody always looks funny on photos. Happy June Diana. Jill

Marcela said...

Lovely photos! I totally adore Woody Allen! Have a lovely day, dear!

Your Invisible Crown said...

Lovely photo's! I finished a documentary this weekend about Ron Gallela, I love how the ladies (and men too!) used to dress back then!

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