How to revive wilted herbs

Monday, March 23, 2015

I love buying fresh herbs, but I often find myself only using part of the bundle, while the other part wilts before I have a chance to get to it. Sounds familiar?

Well, there is a super easy solution to revive your wilted herbs in no time - just give them an ice bath! Here is how it goes:

Cut off the stems from your herbs like parsley, mint, chervil or cilantro. Remove any bruised, dry or damaged leaves before submerging the picked herbs into the ice bath made of cold water and ice. Leave the herbs to soak for about 15-30 minutes, or until they perk up and look refreshed. After, drain the herbs, dry thoroughly with a clean kitchen towel and store them in an air-tight container lined with a paper towel on the top and bottom to absorb any extra moisture.

It works like a charm, I promise:) What herbs do you use most in your kitchen?

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P.P.S: Herb bouquets.

(Tip and photos by Emilie - The Clever Carrot)


Anonymous said...

I use coriander every couple of days. Can I just use cold water or the ice is necessary?

Hildi said...

Such a great tip! Thank you!

Diana Mieczan said...

I think the ice is a must but give it a go and see how it works out. Deal Anonymous?

Diana Mieczan said...

My pleasure, Hildi :)

Alina said...

I'm embarrassed to say that I need this tip this weekend, but I'm happy to have found it here. Thanks for sharing!

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