A Jolly Good Christmas To You!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

How are you spending Christmas this year? Are you traveling, hosting or taking it easy? Balazs, our dogs and I are spending the Holidays in London and Budapest with the whole family and tons of old and amazing friends. I'm looking forward to constant chatter, Christmas pudding for breakfast, sipping Pimm's by the fireplace, eating Polish pierogi with dad, and endlessly snacking on Hungarian kürtőskalács.

Darlings, Balazs and I wish you all a jolly good Christmas filled with joy and happiness. Let this week be merry, festive, and full of love and warmth. Be safe and happy!

I’ll surely pop in next week with a few fun posts, so make sure to check in once or twice, but in the meantime, feel free to browse through exPress-o. Maybe you’ll discover a post or two that you missed previously.

Merry Christmas!

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P.P.S: All things Christmas!

(Photo of ice skating in Paris via A Paper Aeroplane)

Psst: the comments are switched off during the Holidays. But if you want to drop me a little hello, you can always reach me via email - diana.mieczan@hotmail.com  :)
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