10 Dreamy Takes On Wanderlust

Monday, December 29, 2014

Cheers to Monday! Hope your Christmas was jolly and full of unforgettable moments! Speaking of unforgettable, how about welcoming this week with a dash of outstanding wanderlust? It's always fun to daydream where the New Year could take us, what we could see and how it would make us feel. So relax, take a sip of your morning coffee and enjoy those 10 swoonworthy spots around the world that might just become reality in 2015!

Starting with the above, escaping to the romantic soul of Norway.

Sneaking up to catch glimpses of the firefly dance in Japan.

Weekending in Casa Malaparte on the Isle of Capri in Italy.

Sightseeing in the "Lost City" - Jordan.

Getting utterly lost in Paris.

Exploring the history of Rome.

Getting blown away with the never-ending beauty of Beachy Head in England.

Soaking up the sunshine at the Italian Amalfi Coast.

Taking long walks amongst Icelandic Giants.

Or getting swept of your feet by the mesmerizing Pingxi Sky lantern festival in Taiwan.

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(Paris photo by Noah Wright)
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