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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Have you seen the new comedy Bad Neighbours? Over the weekend Balazs and I watched it and I still keep on giggling about it.

What would you do if one day, out of the blue a fraternity house would move in next door?

It’s a story of a youth couple trying to do everything they can to take down their new noisy and obnoxious neighbours, while juggle the tricky parts of adulthood and parenting. So if you’re in the mood for tons of laughter, a few super awkward moments that we probably all experienced and a fresh take on adulthood – this film is totally for you:)
Bits and bobs:
- Seth Rogen played the husband and one of my favourite films with him is Take This Waltz but I also loved him in Knocked Up :)
- Also, supposedly he is going to play Steve Wozniak in the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic. Interesting, isn't it?
- I love his glasses. You?
- Funniest scenes from the film.
- Who doesn't love bloopers.
- Zac Efron played the president of the fraternity house and he is probably best knows for High School Musical.
- Zac Efron idolises Seth Rogen :)
- Rose Byrne played the wife and I simply adore her.
- Remember her in I Give It A Year?
- Seth and Rose on the film.
- Rose auditioning for Get Him to the Greek.
- Seth gives his opening statement before a Senate hearing on Alzheimer's Research.
- Brilliant! Brew yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy the whole bit.
- Dirty talk...

P.S: Plus, a few other films that I love right now.

(Photos via IMDb)


Anonymous said...

I love everything with Rose. Jill

Jaime @laviejaime said...

hilarious! love this movie.

Tish said...

Loved it until they used the N word... Twice

Diana Mieczan said...

She is awesome, isn't she Jill? :)

Diana Mieczan said...

Jaime :)

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