Cheers to a jolly good Thanksgiving weekend!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

My lovely ladies, cheers to a relaxing long weekend full of delicious food, tipsy evenings and festive chatter all around! As each year, this afternoon we are going over to a friend's house for a huge feast. Plus, since it's Balazs' 40th birthday weekend, I have a few surprises for him in store that include a little getaway.

I will see you all back here on Monday, but in the meantime, please feel free to browse through exPress-o, maybe you'll find a post or two you have missed. Also, if you haven't already, swing by our Edor jewelry giveaway and our Christmas gift guides :)

And here are a few discount details for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping fun!
Sora Designs: 15% off discount code: CYBERSORA15
- Crave Jewelry Design: 15% off on everything except custom pieces. Coupon code: ETSYHOLIDAYSALE
- The Stray Arrow: 15% off discount code: CYBERWKNDSALE
- Olive Yew! Jewels: 25% off discount code: 2014OY25
- Andrea Bonelli: 20% off discount code: blackfriday20
- Rilla: 40% off discount code: CYBER40
- I Adorn U: 30% off discount code: IWEARBLACK

P.S: If you fancy a bit of chit-chat, you can always catch me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or even Instagram. See you:)

(Photo by Rachel Joy Baransi for the kitchn)
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