Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Recently I read that autumn and especially mid September is known as a headache season. It's triggered by the quickly changing temperatures and rainy days. So after reading Naomi's advice, I got a little candle diffuser for essential oils and I'm already hooked. I started to use peppermint oil for when I have a bad headache and it works so well!

Also, my new favourite thing is falling asleep to the smell of lavender oil filling up the bedroom. Best buy ever! Do you own one too? What oils do you use for it? xo

P.S: And this for sore throat.
P.P.S: Grounding...

(Photo by Naomi Huober via Free People)


Anonymous said...

I am prone to migraines so this will come in very handy. Thank you. Jill

Unknown said...

I don't own one, but this sounds like a fabulous idea! And a really nice way to relax before falling asleep. xo, Katie

M @ said...

i have heard of using lavender before... and I dont know why but I'm always drawn to it, so I can only imagine how it must be lulling you to sleep. Lately I've spritzing the sheets with a jasmine/rose concoction that has been pretty fresh and divine :)

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