Wanderlust: Wild Swimming in France

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Le sigh, how would you fancy transporting yourself to the French countryside just with a simple flick of the fingers? This morning I discovered that France is a true gem when it come to secret lakes, swimming holes (thermal springs) and romantic waterfalls. Who knew?

Supposedly, Lac d’Ilay is one of the most spectacular lakes in France's remote Jura region and the place to be if you want to escape the busyness of the city and swap it for crisp water, barefoot walks and endless sunshine. Ah, I can totally picture Balazs and I renting a tiny cottage just a short walk away from a hot spring, with the most magical pathway and forest everywhere you look. Not to mention the dusk bike rides, morning crisp swims and eating cheese in one of those home-y farmshops around. Dreamy isn't it? Ready to pack? xo

P.S: Castel Meur in France and this amazing cliff edge town also in France.
P.P.S: Another stunning lake worth daydreaming about.

(via The Guardian. Photos by/via Grace Gockel, Midwest Supply and Daniel Start -Wild Swimming)


Steph said...

Beautiful. I'd love to do this!

Anonymous said...

You discover the dreamiest of places Diana. I'm having such wanderlust. Jill

Unknown said...

LE SIGH, Diana!!! This looks so magical and my bag is already packed! :) xo, Katie

Ela said...

Wow ! What a gorgeous place to visit and relax !
Have a nice day :)

Roselie said...

Oh my, France is a beautiful country in every way it seems... But over here in Greece we too have beautiful lakes and hidden paradises...

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