The Scientific Way to Cut a Cake

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The other week Balazs' mom sent me this awesome video explaining how to correctly cut a cake and my mind was blown! So if you love cake, (a bit of) mathematics and you are a dash nerdy (like me), you will adore this.

According to Sir Francis Galton, a British mathematician who came up with this trick 100 years ago, the ordinary method of cutting out a wedge at a time from a cake is very faulty since it only makes the leftover part dry. So, Alex (with his dapper British accent) decided to test Galton's alternative (and scientific) technique to prove us that Galton's way is indeed the right one. It involves taking long, thin pieces from the cake's centre while preventing the rest of the cake from getting dry and uneatable! Genius, check it out for yourself!

My wedge-cake-cutting days are over! What do you think? Brilliant, isn't it? xo

P.S: Half birthday?
P.P.S: And tricks and tips to the perfect dinner party!

(Thanks Kati. Cake photo by Paper & Stitch and the drawing by Daily Mail)


Anonymous said...

The best thing I've seen all week. Thanks

Diana Mieczan said...

Anonymous, awww..thanks:)

Steph said...

How amusing! I don't think I will ever in my life cut a cake like this, but it is interesting!

Anonymous said...

Loved this Diana, totally brilliant! Happy Summer to you love, keep these inspiring posts coming...

Diana Mieczan said... are such a sweetheart, tutusandtea:)

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