Liquid Dance

Monday, June 30, 2014

And speaking of happiness, how anyone can feel unhappy looking at this jazzy and abstract liquid colour dance? Kim Keever is the NYC based artist who drops various amounts of colour into a fish tank full of water and documents the swirling liquids as they mix and mingle. The awesome part is that every colour combination is unpredictably unique and one of a kind.

What I love most about them is that they are incredibly hypnotizing and just by looking at them I feel totally relaxed, you? xo

P.S: Liquid trapped in a fruit!
P.P.S: Remember those?

(via Because I'm Addicted)


Elsa de Diego said...

You're's so relaxing to watch -and equally beautiful! :) Thanks for sharing! XO

Anonymous said...

The first image looks like silk. Gorgeous Diana. Jill

Melissa Blake said...

oh, wow! it looks like cotton candy!!!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous - I love looking at images like this.

xo Mary Jo

Your Invisible Crown said...

Stunning photo's! I love the ones with the pink tones.

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