Summer Mint Iced Tea

Thursday, May 29, 2014
Lovelies, do you like mint iced tea? Ever since I have a mint plant growing by my kitchen window, I’ve been hooked on making my own tea. It’s one of the most fuss free plants to care for as long as you water it every two days and give it a bit of sunlight. It’s amazingly cooling on summer days and instantly refreshing with every new sip.

Best part? There is so much more than meets the eye. We all know that mint refreshes your breath but it also regulates your digestion, makes your brain work better, helps with nausea and headaches and its smell makes for the perfect relaxant. Who knew, right?

So if you fancy a little pause, make a whole pitcher and get sipping with your friends this weekend! Cheers:)

Mint Iced Tea
(Makes 4 servings)

- a handful of fresh (and washed) mint leaves
- 4 cups of boiled water
- juice of one lemon
- sugar or honey (optional)

Place your mint leaves in a teapot and pour over the hot water. Let it brew for 10-15 minutes before pouring your mint tea into a jug while discarding the mint leaves. Add the lemon juice and the honey. Mix well and let it cool off before placing it in the fridge for a few hours so it gets cold. Serve with sassy mint leaf ice cubes or lemon wedges. Ta dah!

Ah, the simple things in life! Would you try it? xo

P.S: Also, iced green mango tea and beauty-boosting ice cubes.
P.P.S: Plus, a few other jazzy takes on water.

(Photos and recipe by exPress-o)


Anonymous said...

Mint tea from scratch? Sign me up. Jill

Joyti said...

Wow, this looks great...very refreshing!

Unknown said...

Sounds wonderful! I just got a mint plant over the weekend. Excited to make lots of mint tea this summer. xo, Katie

Your Invisible Crown said...

Fancy icecubes! Looks and sounds good. And I love your photo's.

Diana Mieczan said...

yay Jill:)

Diana Mieczan said...

Joyti, thanks!

Diana Mieczan said...

Awesome, Katie!!!

Diana Mieczan said...

Thank you, Marieken:)

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