Capturing Time

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Do you ever feel like days or months are just flying by and sometimes you have a hard time catching up? Yesterday night Balazs and I were talking about how fast this first part of the year went by and it made me sad to realize that life has been whizzing by! So after a few too many glasses of wine we made a deal that this summer we will try our best to capture time, slow down a bit more and enjoy those happy moments for longer without swiftly moving on.

So if you fancy having a slow summer like us, here are a few super easy and brilliant techniques to help you and us do just that. They are tried and tested by Jora and I can't wait to dive in every time I feel like going too fast:

- Close your eyes and "breathe" through the tips of your fingers. Draw your breath up your wrists, arms, shoulders, body, down your legs and out your toes
-Make a cup of tea.  It's mental, but this will always relax and comfort you and help you pay attention to what is going on.
- Stop and pay attention to all of your senses. Ask yourself: "What do I hear? smell? see? feel? taste?" This exercise is very grounding and makes you realize what you have been missing out on.
- Say no to over-scheduling since your days don't have to be extra full. Give yourself time to just "be" and enjoy the simplicity in your life.

Any other tips on how to stay in the moment this summer? Fancy joining in? xo xo

P.S: Boring is good!
P.P.S: Life lessons and if you like to know where in the world I'd like to move. Check this out!

(Photos by Karen and Josette and via A Well Traveled Woman )


Anonymous said...

The last tip is especially great for me since I'm the queen of over-scheduling. I have the hardest time saying NO to thing. Wish you and Balasz a slow summer and I will be trying those techniques as well.

Steph said...

Oh, that is my weakness - especially as a blogger - over-cramming the schedule. Tea is my go-to relaxer. I'll definitely check out Jora's blog!

Gwen said...

So true! Thanks for sharing. It's hard to slow down w 4 kids but we try and get away, usually out in nature and 'slow down' as much as possible.

Pamela Bates said...

I totally fancy joining in. Last year I slowed down a 'bit' but I could do better. I want to enjoy each day and we get so caught up that it's easy not to.

I like to breathe in the sea air. that for me melts a lot of stress away and helps me be just in the moment.

have a lovely day Diana!

Pamela Bates said...

ps- as a serious back floater myself, i adore that first picture.

floating on my back was the first thing my dad taught me when teaching me to swim. that way you can always turn over and be safe if you get into trouble. that said, i think I have a natural propensity to floating and always try to teach kids that visit our pool how to do it. so peaceful with the water blocking out the noise and all above you is blue sky. aahhh. soon.

Jen Holtkamp said...

Perfect advice, thank you!

Merry Meri said...

I LOVE these!!! Definitely going to try to capture more time as well :)

Unknown said...

Oh I often feel this way. These tips are so lovely and helpful!! I am a big advocate for not overfilling your day. I've always been someone who likes to take time and stare out a window and daydream. It isn't a waste of time. But I just need to let myself do it more. Have a wonderful Wednesday! xo, katie

Bionica said...

I totally agree
we must enjoy each day
the senses excercise is a must try
thank you so much for the tips =)


Unknown said...

Time flies, quicker and quicker by the minute it seems to me and I live in a very slow paced place. I find that I have to remind myself to just be in the moment, breathe in, breathe out and enjoy the splendid beauty all around. (It is hard though because there is always a list where I try and plan the rest of the day/week/month.

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