Cheers to a nice weekend

Friday, April 25, 2014

Cheers to the weekend, darlings! I’m so sorry to be posting a bit later today but it’s been a crazy day so far. Our Buffer’s condition got much worse, so we spent the morning at the vet's office. Wish you a lovely and relaxing weekend and I see you Monday morning. Here are a few links I hope you enjoy checking out! xoxo

Ha, I just tried this awesome lip trick!

A must read :)

Oh boy, how I miss London...


Chandeliers made of flowers = stunning!

How to make the ultimate Italian chopped salad.

I love this cake topper!

Pretty spring essentials :)

Marilyn Monroe captured on film by a 15 year old.

Wish I could beam myself here...

Yum, chive butter!

How to create a paperless kitchen.

On living alone.

Babies + lemons :)

Fancy making your own coconut milk shampoo?

Have you ever been to Hong Kong? I so want to go!

Also, don't miss our chic laundry bag GIVEAWAY!

And fancy a blast from the past?
 - Two years ago today.
- One year ago today.

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(Photo of NYC via Katie)


Anonymous said...

I hope Buffer gets better Diana. Please keep us updated. Jill

Unknown said...

Hope your weekend is a good one and that Buffer gets better! Already loving the links--that chopped salad looks divine!

xo Mary Jo

Merry Meri said...

Sending well wishes to your pup... xox, m

Pamela Bates said...

oh honey, i'm so sorry buffer is not doing great and I can relate. with my old boy's lar-par (laryngeal paralisis) there are good days, and some really not so good days. last week good, this week not so much. it sucks when our pals feel rotten. i hope he feels better and they get everything adjusted right for him.

btw, you had me at the empire state building. where G and I had our first real date. ;)

hang in there

Unknown said...

I hope everything with Buffer goes ok! Big hug!! xo, Katie

Lisa said...

I moved to Hong Kong when I was 23, and lived there for two years. I went back for my 30th birthday to party with my friends there - with whom I still keep in touch. I absolutely LOVE Hong Kong, and if it wasn't so polluted and cramped, I'd be there for good. The city has an energy like nowhere else. It was also a really great place to have an adult "coming of age".

Lisa said...

PS - big cuddles to Buffer, and all good wishes.

A Life Un-Styled said...

Wishing you a great weekend Diana. Miss 9 gets back on Sunday and we're so excited, though we truly have enjoyed our 10 days on our own :)And Hong Kong is amazing, we were married there, it's our city of love <3

Steph said...

Aw, poor Buffer. I'm so sorry to hear he's getting worse. Hope he's feeling back to his normal self soon. Have a lovely weekend xo

Martina // Spunkyrella said...

Browsing through your links is one of my favorite things to do on weekends! The link to "On living alone" is lovely. Thanks to introducing such great blogs - another one for my feed :)

Have a lovely weekend and get well soon Buffer!!


Your Invisible Crown said...

I would like some fresh bread, that chives butter and the Italian salad!
And I hope Buffer will be feeling better.

Ela said...

What a beautiful view of the city through the window :)
Have a nice Sunday :)

Diana Mieczan said...

Thank you all for all the sweet notes:) Jill, he is better! we had a huge scare on Friday when he got Epileptic seizures. It was so scary!

Diana Mieczan said...

Mary Jo, I need to make that salad this week.

Diana Mieczan said...

Thank you, Meri:)

Diana Mieczan said...

How romantic, Pamela:) I love that and thank you for such a sweet note. Buffer is better by today...He got an Epileptic seizure and it lasted for hours!!!

Diana Mieczan said...

Katie, you are so sweet! And Eliza, your comment made me want to book a trip there. Ah, love!

Diana Mieczan said...

How wonderful, Vanisha:)

Diana Mieczan said...

Thanks, Steph:) xoxo

Diana Mieczan said... pleasure, Martie! Your comment just made my morning.

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