Edor Jewelry Giveaway

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Today’s giveaway is from Edor, a swoonworthy California based jewelry boutique that I truly adore! All of Edor's designs are beautifully understated and full of minimalistic charm while in tune with the modern style. Cindy, the owner hopes that every piece she creates will make the wearer feel like their true self. I wear this little necklace daily! It's my go-to piece.

Today, Cindy is offering one lucky person a chance to win one of her designs. The awesome part: the winner can choose their favourite piece from her entire shop. This little coin necklace or this gold bar necklace would make the sweetest Mother's Day gift, wouldn't it? Psst: I have my eye on this beauty and  I'm pretty sure that this little ring is perfect for stacking!

For a chance to win you should be a follower of exPress-o, please visit the Edor shop and tell us which piece is your favourite. As always the giveaway is open worldwide. The winner will be chosen at random on Monday morning. Good luck! xo

For extra entries:
Follow exPress-o on Twitter, like Edor on Facebook, follow Cindy on Pinterest, join exPress-o group on Facebook, follow Edor on Twitter, follow exPress-o on Pinterest, sign up for the Edor newsletter or tweet, pin, blog about the giveaway and please make sure to leave a separate comment for each entry. Also, please include your email address, so I can contact the winner. Thank you:)

Update: The winner is Katie. xo


Yesterday night I worked on a beach while listening to the relaxing sounds of sea waves dancing with the wind and the comforting sounds of a bonfire. This morning while writing this post, I am in a forest surrounded with birds singing and the soothing sounds of a water stream nearby - all that from the comfort of my home office :) Yup!

Have you heard about Noisli? It's a fun little background noise and colour generator ideal for working and relaxing at the same time. It's super easy to use and the awesome part is that you can mix as many sounds as you like and change your background colour, so it suits your eyes. Just go here and start clicking all the different icons till you find your perfect mix!

Now, tell me where are you now? On a beach, outside somewhere beautiful or maybe it’s raining right now? So neat, isn't it? xo

P.S: Coffee shop chatter :)
P.P.S: A swoonworthy GIVEAWAY is coming up!

(via swiss miss. Photo by Sophie)

How To Create Your Own Urban Herb Garden

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Are you good with plants? For years I have been the girl who loved potted flowers but couldn’t keep them alive, Balazs even used to joke that I have killer thumbs. Fast forward a few years and I realized that my biggest problem was caring for them too much. I overwatered my plants to the point of distraction or moved them around too often. Anyway, miraculously as soon as I relaxed about caring for plants, they started to blossom and grow like never before.

So when a few weeks ago I spotted a cool tutorial on Gardenista on how to root herbs, I made it into a challenge for myself. If I could do it, it means my black thumb is cured, but if I couldn’t, I just accept it. Guess what happened? I did it and now I have 3 different basil plants growing in my kitchen herb box that I cloned myself!

Why is that good, you might ask? Well, by cloning your herbs you can multiply them and eventually create a herb garden that will last you forever, plus having a little herb garden in your flat will make your kitchen smell amazing, your food taste ever better and keep your winter blues away for good. So if you fancy expanding your existing herb patch, here is my step-by-step how to. It's surprisingly simple and easy!

Here is what you need: a pair of scissors, soft-stemmed herbs (like basil, mint, parsley or even rosemary), a jar or a small vase, a few pebbles (like those from Ikea), water, organic peat-free compost/soil and a paper juice box.

Step 1: Cut (on an angle) a long stem from your herb plant and strip off the bottom leaves.

Step 2: Insert the stems into the jar of water and place it somewhere exposed to some daylight. No need for direct sun exposure. Minimal daylight is just fine. I promise!

Step 3: Leave it in your chosen place for 1-2 weeks till you spot little roots growing out of it.

Step 4: After the roots get longer and stronger (about 4-5 days later), toughen them up by gently dropping a few pebbles, one at a time, onto the roots. If the pebbles don’t damage your roots, it’s time to transfer it into the soil.

Step 5: Plant it. I used a juice box to plant my basil in, because the wax in the box retains moisture well and herbs are very happy to grow in places that juice used to be. Using a knife or a pair of scissors cut out one of the 4 box walls and create a few holes in the bottom of the box for water drainage.

Step 6: Place a few pebbles in the bottom of the box and fill it up with soil before gently planting the rooted herb stem. Add a bit more soil on top if needed and water it. Ta dah, you're ready!

Easy, isn't it? You can keep your new herb plant in the juice box for up to a few months before moving it into a new pot. Herbs, especially basil don't like too much water, so when you water it, make sure to water it generously, but all the access that comes out underneath should be poured out right away, since herbs don't like standing in water. Also, only water your herbs every 3-4 days or when the soil feels dry to the touch.

Happy urban gardening, lovelies! Thoughts? Would you give it a go? Do you have herbs at home? xo

P.S: Radiator shelf (+ plants) and this backyard glasshouse in New Zealand:)
P.P.S: Plus, 3 nifty tricks to keep basil fresh for up to 2 weeks!

(Photos and layout by exPress-o)

Liquid trapped in a fruit








Ever since Balazs and I started to be more conscious about our food, I realised the importance of reading labels. So when I spotted this nifty little fruit juice project, it blew my mind because who normally bothers to visualize how many apples goes into one organic juice box or a bottle of pure grape juice, right? So the cool thing is that the images above show exactly how much liquid is produced from a single piece of fruit.

I don't know about you, but watermelon totally shocked me because I could bet it produced much more juice, especially next to a pineapple that is so much smaller. Plus, how weird that a strawberry and a pear have almost the same amount of liquid? Ha! Do you make your own juices? Thoughts? xo

P.S: What does 200 calories look like?
P.P.S: How to never have another junk food craving.

(via Design Crush)

Gurung Honey Hunters

Monday, April 28, 2014

Yowza! Twice a year, the Gurung tribe in central Nepal goes on a honey hunting expedition where they risk their lives to harvest honey from the world’s largest honeybee. It’s one of the tribe’s oldest, proudest and most dangerous traditions that have been passed down through generations. Andrew Newey was lucky enough to join in and capture the hunt on film. I get goosebumps just looking at those photos! Brave and scary, don’t you think? xo

P.S: Also, beekeeping Parisian style, and remember those human towers?
P.P.S: Plus, Swedish midsummer celebrations and this Chinese beekeeper who wears a coat of 450 000 live bees!

(via LAEM)

Orange Lips For Spring

What’s your lipstick colour of choice this spring? I’m smitten with all things orangey-red and I can’t wait to pop by Topshop this afternoon to try their Lips in Infrared lippy (above). Isn't it sassy?

After spotting Sarah wearing it the other day, I’ve been dying to get it too since it gives that 1920's glam with a modern twist. Btw: my friend Sofia tried it over the weekend and she described it as the smoothest and sexiest shade she has ever worn. Eek, I’m excited! Would you try it? xo

P.S: Plus, this nifty trick to prevent your nail polish from chipping.
P.P.S: Pretty!

(Photos by Sarah Mikaela)

The Super Easy Trick to Make the Perfect Fried Eggs

How do you like your eggs, lovelies?

After a very eventful Friday with Buffer we spent the weekend pretty much relaxing, recharging and eating fried eggs on streamed asparagus. There is something about that combo that makes everything better, doesn’t it?

So, if you fancy some spring comfort food here is a little trick to make your fried eggs even better than they already are. Not possible? Oh yes, it is! The secret is simple: just add a few drops of water to the pan and cover. The water creates steam which slightly poaches the top of the egg while the bottom remains crispy. The result is the most beautiful fried egg you've ever laid your eyes on. Don’t take my word for it. Try it! (Here is the step-by-step how to). xo

P.S: Plus, baked eggs, poached eggs and dippy eggs.
P.P.S: Fried egg sandwich.

(Tip via Huffington Post. Photo by What Katie Ate)

Giveaway Winner

Drum rolls, please!!! 
The winner of the Elisabeth Michael laundry bag GIVEAWAY is Olivia Jamie . Congrats!! xoxo

P.S: Thank you all for playing:) New giveaway is coming on Wednesday!

Cheers to a nice weekend

Friday, April 25, 2014

Cheers to the weekend, darlings! I’m so sorry to be posting a bit later today but it’s been a crazy day so far. Our Buffer’s condition got much worse, so we spent the morning at the vet's office. Wish you a lovely and relaxing weekend and I see you Monday morning. Here are a few links I hope you enjoy checking out! xoxo

Ha, I just tried this awesome lip trick!

A must read :)

Oh boy, how I miss London...


Chandeliers made of flowers = stunning!

How to make the ultimate Italian chopped salad.

I love this cake topper!

Pretty spring essentials :)

Marilyn Monroe captured on film by a 15 year old.

Wish I could beam myself here...

Yum, chive butter!

How to create a paperless kitchen.

On living alone.

Babies + lemons :)

Fancy making your own coconut milk shampoo?

Have you ever been to Hong Kong? I so want to go!

Also, don't miss our chic laundry bag GIVEAWAY!

And fancy a blast from the past?
 - Two years ago today.
- One year ago today.

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(Photo of NYC via Katie)

This Week's Gems

My new favourite everday dress. So comfy!...

Swoon - this Ethiopian Welo Opal diamond ring is magical!...

Pretty sandals!...

Personalized little necklace for your best friend:)...

Ah, those bowls are stunning, aren't they?...

It doesn't get any better than these eyeglasses handkerchiefs!...

What an adorable umbrella!...

The most swoonworthy everyday necklace...

Those must be the cutest salt + pepper shakers - love!...

How stunning are those earrings? They would make such a great statement with a top knot and rosy cheeks:)...

I need one of those baskets for our blankets....

So good!...

Happy Friday, lovelies! What caught your eye this week? Any great finds or buys? xo

P.S: Fancy more gems?
P.P.S: Also, don't miss our chic laundry bag GIVEAWAY!

Ice Cream Sandwich

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Do you like ice cream sandwiches? With May being just six short days away, I figured it was time to start thinking about making a batch or two. Hmm, maybe this way we can trick the weather to get warmer sooner:)

Anyway, when I stumbled upon these sinful squares above, I knew it was a sign because what could be more delicious than a mix of ice-cream and cookie dough, right? Blimey, to say that I love cookie dough is an understatement – giggle:)

Don’t those look good? (Here is the recipe for the cookie dough and for the chocolate chip ice cream). xo

P.S: S'mores ice cream.
P.P.S: Oh, this lolly is amazing.

(Photos by Mel and Jennie Schacht - I Scream Sandwich via The Cake Blog)

How to Frenchify your hair

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been lusting over French girls' hair. Somehow their locks always look perfectly messy, uber cool, wavy, beautifully understated, yet so darn stylish, wouldn't you agree?

So after tons of fails, I finally stumbled upon Alex's post where she asked all her French readers to help her out and share their secret tricks. They all delivered and funnily enough, they all follow the same rules - which is brilliant!  So, if you fancy to Frenchify your hair, here are the 5 golden rules that are actually super simple (and very surprising) but they will transform your locks in no time:

1. Wash your hair maximum 3 times a week (less would be even better) with a plain supermarket shampoo. No other products are really necessary but you can use a bit of hair oil if you really need to. Make sure not to use conditioner as it will make your hair flat and straight.

2. When you wash your hair, always do it in the evening and go to sleep with your hair still wet. Some girls leave their hair down while sleeping (I do), others put it up in a top knot. You should try both and see which works for you.

3. If you prefer washing your hair in the morning, never blow dry it but always air-dry it. Wind on the streets or draft in the subway will only do them good.

4. If your hair is very straight, brush it as infrequently as possible without letting it all go to knots but try avoiding daily brushing and if you really need to, only do it wet.

5. Rule to remember: the less tempering and touching, the healthier your hair will look on the long run. Basically, going through your day without thinking too much of your hair is the best tip to achieve French girls' hair:)

I’ve been doing all those things for the past  few weeks and my hair looks pretty much like Caroline’s above. Bingo! I even got a few compliments, so I must be doing something right! Somehow simplifying my hair routine made all the difference and my hair looks so healthy!

What do you think? Would you try any of the tips above? xo

P.S: How to dress like a true Parisian + DNA of Parisian style.
P.P.S: What do French woman have that we don't?

(Tips via Garance DorĂ©'s amazing French readers. Photos by Garance DorĂ© and via Lianna)

Lilies of the Valley

This little bunch of lilies of the valley has been making our living room smell like spring since yesterday. I spotted them just before meeting someone for a work lunch, so I put them in my bag when I entered the restaurant. While taking our order, the waitress discreetly asked me what perfume I was wearing because it smelled exactly like her favourite spring flowers. Well, it wasn’t my perfume, it was my bunch of flowers in my tote, begging to come out :)

After a few giggles and a little chat she told us that lilies of the valley symbolize the return of happiness and bring luck in love, which really made my lunch companion light up. So, if you have any single friends out there, treat them to a bunch of those beauties to make their week! I know I will.

Btw: they are typically sold in France on the first day of May. So if you are in Paris, don’t forget to buy them:) What flowers do you like the most right now? xo

P.S: Plus, this nifty fresh flower trick.
P.P.S: Don't miss our sassy GIVEAWAY!

(Photos by exPress-o)
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